I have been a client of Azriel Novogroder since June of 2008. When my daughter began working with Azriel she couldn’t even bear weight on her feet and now we are so proud to say that she can walk across the room. These past four years have not been easy, Haley has had two hip surgeries and endless obstacles, but through it all Azriel has held high expectations for Haley and was instrumental in her recovery from a bilateral osteotomy.

Azriel customized a MEDEK strategy that literally changed the way we viewed physical therapy and most importantly was effective in achieving our goals. His patience for training me and skill in explaining how MEDEK works has been extremely helpful. It allowed for us to carry over his technique at home and convince my daughter’s school that MEDEK works. When parents ask me why Haley is doing so well, I usually give them Azriel’s number and say, “Just come once and I promise you won’t leave disappointed.” I travel an hour every week to see him and he is worth every minute.


Jessica Gonzalez


Dear Azriel,

Thank you so much for working with Shira these past few years, the hours you spent and the tears and crying you put up with. Your dedication and patience has brought Shira to new heights.

We greatly appreciate all the time you took to demonstrate and explain the exercises for us to do at home.

Thank you for always finding the time to see Shira, and for staying late at night to do so.

We are so amazed every time we see her walk alone – and it is all thanks to you!

We wish much health and happiness to you and your family,

Happy Chanukah,

Shira and Family


Dear Azriel,

Thank you so much for working with Zachary and for dealing with all the paperwork for the insurance company. You are a great person!! We are so pleased with the progress Zachary is making with his walking and on the stairs.

Enjoy your Holidays and your gift!!

Thank you TONS!!

Zack and Family


We have been working with Azriel since our daughter was 12 months of age.  We sought out his services as our daughter has Down Syndrome and was not yet able to crawl and we were worried about the development of her gross motor skills.  In the past 4 months we have seen tremendous improvement.  Azriel has a magical way with children that makes them laugh and motivates them to work hard.  This combined with his knowledge of science and the use of the MEDEK technique has allowed Riley to understand her own movements and put them into action.  Riley is now crawling, standing, cruising and we are awaiting for her to truly walk of her own accord.  Azriel is not only a keen mentor to Riley but to our entire family.  We have learned so much from him and can take his lessons and apply them at home so we also can assist in her progress.  Words can’t describe how happy we are with his services and console.  After every session we feel as if we’ve all accomplished something together. Thank you Azriel.

Warm regards,

Jennie and Andy Jones.

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