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Here are blogs of current and former clients. Please feel free to browse for support. Many have videos and information about CME. Please type MEDEK or CME in their search bar to get this information from each blog. Happy browsing!


Pray for Nathan
 Suzy Booze
Normal for Josephine
 Brextin’s Hope

Video Case Studies


Allyson is shown here as a 13 – 23 month old girl with Down Syndrome. Below is pretty much one video per month. As per the Mom, it is really wild to see the progress!!!!  She was seen at a frequency of about 1 x per week for 10 months with a great home exercise program carried out by mom.

March: Rough beginnings (turn down the volume)

April: Learning about keeping her body up and weight through her legs

May:  Calmness prevails Her body is now upright

June: Taking first assisted steps

July:  Happily taking many assisted steps on the table (one of my favorites!)

August:  Assisted walking on the floor and working with boxes

September:  Free Standing and Assisted Stepping

October: Lots of free standing start of free steps

December:  Great Freedom in standing more free steps

January Freedom over obstacles small

Large (Ramps)


Haley has battled significant Hypotonia, Developmental Delay and Seizure Disorder. She also underwent significant hip surgery to keep her hips in their sockets which set her back during her course of treatment. She has been a client at Novogrow for the past three and a half years. She went from learning to take weight through her feet to stand, to currently taking free steps.

At 4 years of age

Sit to stand

At 7 years of age

Sit to stand

Going  up and down 15 cm boxes
Stepping in and out of 15 cm boxes
Transitions floor to stand
Independent steps

Haley’s MEDEK Channel



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