Please see Dr. Kenso Case’s web site for full explanation.

The kinesio tape is specially designed to mimic the skin and depending upon the application, it can be used to inhibit an over-active muscle or facilitate an underactive muscle. It can also be used to decrease pain, improve proprioception of feeling of a specific area. It will also help reorganize the fascia to allow for more range of motion in a joint or it can be used to stabilize a weak joint. It can also be used to control edema or swelling in a particular area. In pediatrics we are primarily using it to help promote feeling in a specific area, to facilitate or inhibit specific muscles or to give stability to weak areas. Taping is used as an adjunct to therapy and because it can stay on for 3-5 days, it helps bring the therapist’s hands home with the child for a longer period of time. Families can also be taught taping techniques specific to their children’s needs to enhance carry over at home of skills learned in therapy.

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