Getting started

1-      If your child is not meeting their gross motor milestones or if you are in doubt about their development or if they are diagnosed with any Syndrome affecting their muscle tone or Gross Motor Development, contact our office to discuss if developmental therapy is appropriate for your child.

2-      The earlier a child is started with Physical Therapy the greater chance of success with therapy as a younger child has a more ‘plastic’ or teachable brain. So much gross motor development occurs in the first year of life that it is very important to start as soon as possible.

3-       We can start working with a child from two months of age and we see children until their teenage years. With rare exception, and with clearly attainable goals, we work with adults with pediatric diagnoses.

4-      Please fill out NEW PATIENT INTAKE FORM{LINK TO PDF OF INTAKE FORM} and return to the office via email Fax or MAIL Address

5-     Due to financial realities, we do not participate with any insurance company, and are not in any network. We can and do give the client a bill to collect from their insurance as an out of network provider. Because our work is so specialized, some carriers allow us to be covered as an in network provider. Please check with your specific carrier to see if this is possible if you do not have out of network benefits.

We accept Visa and MasterCard as well as cash and checks. We do everything possible to keep our rates reasonable while we provide a high level of service.

6-     There are some funds that may help in procuring payment for therapy. They are also great sources for support for families as well.

Danielle’s Foundation:

A great foundation that helps families of children with brain injury acquire needed funding for therapy and equipment not funded by insurance. Azriel Novogroder PT was awarded the 2010 Therapist of the Year prize from this foundation.

E-Special Needs: This is a page that lists funding resources for therapy and equipment



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